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Top of the Lake finale review

Alchemy. That’s what Jane Campion and co. have achieved with Top of the Lake. From base fistfuls of sensational plotlines and genre staples they’ve made something precious and unique. Paedophile rings, corrupt cops, macho drug king-pins, maverick detectives with past traumas… this is the hackneyed stuff of the crime genre (not forgetting this week’s soap opera-style secret parentage revelation). How then, did Top of the Lake transform its scandalous story into such an unusual, mesmerising drama?

Quietly is the first answer. Its makers had keen instincts as to when to let the landscape and the story speak for itself. It began with Tui’s silent bike ride to the lake, and ended with her stood wordlessly in Paradise, only giving young Jacqueline Joe a handful of lines during the six hours in between. TV crime drama has a weakness for gabbling exposition, from audience-avatar sidekicks narrating cases and clues, to rain-soaked monologues and melodramatic face-offs between heroes and foes. Unusually, the final ten minutes of Top of the Lake’s finale were practically dialogue-free. Continue reading…

Micro Mart ‘Computing Furniture: What to Avoid’

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