AS Activity Pack A Streetcar Named Desire

Coming soon in January 2011 published by ZigZag Education

4325 – A Streetcar Named Desire Activity Pack for A Level (23)
A Level English: Drama A Level Multiple Boards – A complete activity pack supporting study of the whole text. Ensures full coverage of the Assessment Objectives through AO-targetted worksheets.

Resource Feedback:

“The resource really highlights the author’s in-depth knowledge of the text.”

“The numerous questions are very detailed, probe the issues and provide a close focus on the language and techniques used by Williams. The fact that critical terminology is emboldened in the text emphasises the need to understand and refer to these terms in students’ own writing”

“Also the questions that focus on the socio-historic context, the connections with other texts and the genre of tragedy are a bonus.”

Comments from an independent reviewer reproduced with thanks to ZigZag Education